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Alberti Society



The participants of the Congrès International Leon Battista Alberti, held in Paris on 10-15 april 1995, have voted to inaugurate the Société Internationale Leon Battista Alberti under the honorary presidency of Vittore Branca, Eugenio Garin and Paul Oskar Kristeller (see Journal Officiel de la République Française: Lois et Décrets, 19 juillet 1995).


The society has as its aim the promotion of Alberti studies and the diffusion of his written works as part of a broader  programme of enriching our knowledge of his family, his intellectual milieu, and of Alberti’s contributions to the historical, literary, and Humanistic pursuits of Renaissance.

The Société has outlined an ambitious program of activities and has undertaken the following projects:

1)  A critical edition and translation of the complete written works of Alberti, to be published in XXIV volumes by Éditions des Belles Lettres, Paris  .
2)  A collection of critical essays to be published in Paris by Éditions J. Vrin. The series will be inaugurated by the publication of the proceedings of the Congrès International L.B. Alberti held in Paris.
3)  Compilation and publication of an exhaustive Bibliographia albertiana by Casa Editrice Leo S. Olschki, Florence. 
4)  Publication of a Journal of Alberti Studies, Albertiana, by Leo S. Olschki, Florence.

In cooperation with other institutions, S.I.L.B.A. is preparing a series of meetings, colloquia, round tables, and exhibitions to take place over the next years. An international convention that coordinates and approves the activities of the Société has met regurarly in Paris (École Normale Supérieure and Maison des Sciences de l’Homme) since November 1995.